Friday, September 7, 2012

Hidden Gem - B Bakery

I was introduced to this neat little bakery many years back when I was working at Beach Road. Many of us know of the shops in Arab Street for their wicker basket items, lush fabrics and even semi precious stones and embellishments such for sewing/crafting.

But not many know of Bussorah Street. Whenever work gets a tad too much, this is where I would head out for lunch / for a quick cup of Teh Tarik. B Bakery is one of my absoutely favourite places to chill. :)

The quaint charm of Bussorah Street

B Bakery is tucked neatly along one side of some eateries. As the name suggests, B Bakery (soon to be renamed I was told), bakes all of its bread. It even cures the salmon along with roasting its own beef. I was also told that the delicious vinaigrette which it uses for all the side salads was also its own concoction.

On this lovely afternoon, I headed out with a colleague for a nice breather and we sampled their set luncheon. And as luck would have it, roast beef sandwich (U.P $10.90) was on the menu!

I am not really a sandwich or a bread kind of person. B Bakery, however, is one of the rare places which I actually would purposely head out for a nice lunch. 

This is one of my 2 favorite sandwiches - Roast Beef. 

I really love the bread here. Freshly baked, it is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The bread is also not too dry and the slices are just nice - not too thick. The bread seems to also be buttered with lemon butter as there is a nice tingling zest to it. You are also offered a choice of bread for your sandwich - white / brown / focaccia, etc. 

The sandwich comes with a generous amount of grilled vegetables - capsicum, onions, eggplant, etc., certainly a nice change to the usual lettuce. The roast beef was cooked just nice as it was moist and not overcooked.  

The side salad (included) comes with a nice drizzle of the tangy sour-sweet vinaigrette which I love. 

My colleague and I ordered a slice of cake each to finish off our lunch. The popular choices are tiramisu and sticky cinnamon bun (which they only bake a very limited quantity each time hence this runs out very quickly). 

I have tried both before and hence for the afternoon, we ordered something different - sweet date cake (above pic) and passion fruit cheesecake (below). 

I do not have a sweet tooth but the sweet date cake was surprisingly good. Moist and warm, it has a dense texture without being overly sweet. Simple and wholesome. 

The passionfruit added a nice edge to the cheesecake with the slight sour-sweet flavour. The cake was also 'well balanced' with the generous strawberries as its flavour cuts through the rich cake.

At this moment as I am writing this post, I am still "lusting" over the grilled vegetables in the sandwich and the warm crusty bread. I will definitely be back again to satisfy my craving - cured salmon this time. :)


  1. mouthwatering dessert, yummmmm.....

  2. The salad is with french dressing?

    The cake looks deliciously sinful! I have always wanted to go down to Arab street to look around but never got down to do it. If I finally go down there I'll pop by B Bakery n check it out =)

  3. Hi Willyn,

    I read your post on Haji Lane and that's one of my favourite places as well! :) Drop by B Bakery the next time you are there!

  4. Hey Jen,

    I did not taste any mustard in it so I am not sure if it is french. If you have a sweet tooth, you may enjoy the sticky cinnamon bun. Very "Lat Gu". :p


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