Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Motherhood: It's a conspiracy!

When my Dumpling was still an infant, I remembered looking at the other mummies who have older kids in envy and wondering when my little girl would grow up and when parenting is well... easier. No one prepared me for the night feeds and certainly no mentioned anything about fussy babies. My nephew was and still is a chilled out little dude who settles down easy into the night and does not fuss much over his naps too. My Dumpling naps less than 30 mins as a newborn per nap and sleeps very little at night even now.

So my theory? I am quite convinced that motherhood is a conspiracy theory. Think about it: somewhere somehow along the line, many mummies decided that we do not need to know the gruesome details of labour (I hated that it was messy and wet and well, you get the idea), leaky breasts (without much warning at a shopping mall) and mastitis (OMG! and the massage by the lactation consultant!?!?!? Say AYE if you remember this!)

Well, since I am at it, I figure this is a good time for a list:

1) How many mummies you know would explain to you about labour pains? I went drug free for 15 hours where my contractions progressed to less than a minute about and were literally off the chart. (Thank God for Hypnobirthing!) How would I describe it? Errmmm.. Try being run over on your back by a truck... 10 times.

2) How my hot flushes lasted for weeks after birth

3) How I suddenly seem to have a sudden spurt of white hair

4) How the nice cleavage is not here to stay (sigh....)

5) How people "advise" you that a 3YO is much better than a 2YO because they outgrow the terrible twos but no one mentioned anything about their chipmunk-fussy-eating-mode where Dumpling would just stop chewing and stores the food in her cheeks. -__-

6) How your pelvic floor muscles are never quite the same again especially when you laugh or cough violently

7) How my memory cells seem to have depleted permanently and ... oh, darn it, what was my train of thought again?!?

8) How it is so much harder to be a full time working adult when you have to rush off to pick up your kid and...

9) My all time fav: How I have become an IMMORTAL especially when my child contracts a viral fever: my mobile alarm goes off at 1am, 3am, 5am and 7.20am to check her temperature, sponge her and administer meds and yet, having to head off for meetings in the morning for 4 - 5 days in a row.

Yes, this is certainly a conspiracy theory.  But one, which I believe, which many mums do not talk about because they have simply forgotten and overlooked all the hardships as the joys of parenting have constantly and consistently overshone all the trying moments. And this is why I thank God daily for blessing me with such a miracle in my life. :)

and with that:

10) How a smile and a kiss from my child have magical healing powers and my days are now brighter and happier (at this juncture, I have to add that Dumpling read this and gave me a hearty kiss!)

Put simply: I love being a mum and I love motherhood. Happy belated mother's day to all of you wonderful mothers out there! :)


  1. Conspiracy or not, I'm sure you love being a mum! Haha! Happy mother's day! =)

  2. Yes I do Klesis! :) Happy belated Mother's Day to you too!


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