Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How to make a chapteh (feathered shuttlecock)!

Dumpling and I recently attended a Kampung Heritage Carnival and had a blast! There were food stalls and some game stalls too. In addition, there were several workshops - composting, kampung crafts, etc. The focus of the carnival was on "sustainable living" where the key messages were on recycling and reducing.

Dumpling and I decided to sign up for Chapteh (feathered shuttlecock / 毽子) making workshop and we discovered that it really is not that hard to make. Here are some quick steps to make one of your own.

Materials needed:
1. Nail

2. 2 circular pieces of rubber which act as the base (the workshop used some rubber hose
pieces from SCDF if I am not wrong. You can easily look for appropriate items around your home such as plastic bottle caps)

3. A short stub of recycled straw (one inch is a good height) to poke feathers through

4. Feathers

5. Some tape

Step 1: Place 2 pieces of the circular base together

Step 2: Hammer a nail through and then push the circular base right through to the end
Step 3: Put the straw through the nail and place feathers through the straw

Step 4: Secure with tape along the length of the straw



  1. Hey Regina,

    It was quite hard work! lol but we certainly had fun :)


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