Monday, May 14, 2012

For the fun and love of reading - Chinese titles!

As I was going through my cupboards, I thought I would take some photos and share some of the Chinese titles Dumpling and I have read over the past few years. :)

This set is below was something which Dumpling enjoyed when she was much younger.

It is a hardcover series and the "lift the flap" concept makes it interactive for Dumpling. It comes in a set of eight and I bought these at the Book Fest in Suntec City. Here's a quick look at this series:

The illustrations are bright and colourful. Most pages have only one sentence of text and the font size is big and bold for easy reading.


Besides lifting the flaps, the pages also incorporate other cute concepts - below is a page from a swimming title and the child is able to "turn" a circular layer to mimick the swirling water in the pool

The series shares some basic general knowledge too. For e.g. the title below touches on some information and introduces simple verbs on the various modes of transporation.

Before lifting the flap...

Scene changes after turning the flap over

This series has my vote for introducing Chinese to younger children of 2 and below where you are not into the technicalities of word recognition but for read aloud moments. :) 


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  2. Sophie borrowed this series of books from the library before and enjoys them especially when they make it very interactive for the kids. She's very blessed to have older cousins so she does have quite a lot of books, including Chinese books at home. But the are never her first choice and I have to make it a point to get her to choose them for bed time.

  3. So cute this book. I love the turning and flapping.

  4. Susan, wow, books cost quite a bit so if Sophie has books which she receives from her cousins, you'd end up with good savings! :)

  5. Isaac / Merryn: you are welcome! :)

  6. Hi! Do you know what is the ISBN or reference for these books? I'd like to try and find them in the library too :)

  7. Hi Selena,

    I can check for you but will be a while because Dumpling has brought over the set to my parents' place. :)


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