Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Montessori Chinese (Preschoolers) 新蒙氏阅读 Part 2

Dumpling and I have slowly moved on to Section 2 of the Montessori Chinese set.

I started off with the thought that it would be simple but boy, was I wrong! It was not as quick and simple as identifying body parts but it links the words to our "senses" and forming phrases and short sentences.

In this second section, I placed more emphasis on Word Recognition 认字 hence I tried the word matching exercise without any picture aid. :p

Here's the link to download the simple activity.

How we used this was, I first taught her how to recogise the words by comparing the similarity of the cartoons / pictures with the shape of the words (page 1). These are what worked for Dumpling so do improvise / change accordingly to whatever works best for your child.

Thereafter, I read the rhyme with her placing more emphasis on the words we just learnt (Page 3, left side). The next exercise is to then do a word matching exercise (Page 2, left side).

 Finally, you can use page 2 (right side) for memory game, word hunt or 排字. We also extended to 手 and 摸. This is where I bought my set from.


  1. I'll need to re-read your chinese HS postings... haha, cos' getting brain dead (had 2 concalls earlier) and could only digest half of your post!! I've noticed that my kie looks at the pics more than the words in saying the chinese words! So, his word recognition is still lacking... but for me, i'm already happy cos' at least he is "saying" them cos' previously it was almost zilch chinese words from him! Will take it slow.... :D

  2. It's quite normal for them to look at the pics especially since their books are written and designed to attract them hence brightly colored pics too.

    Continue going with that since he's engaged and build up his conversational skills. :)


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