Monday, November 21, 2011

Art Class

Weekends are somewhat a tad tight for Dumpling and I, especially on Saturdays. This is because Dumpling has Arts in the morning and then swimming in the afternoon after her nap. I started her on Arts because I do not want to do anything “academic” during the weekends. Additionally, from PTM and our HS sessions, this seems to be one area she likes very much. I also wanted her to have exposure to different mediums and techniques (not just drawing or painting) and more importantly, to expose her to a drop off class and build her confidence.

The first few sessions were tough because she cried and did not participate much. I also went through a short phase of having to sit on the “yellow chair” (fellow mummy friends would know what I am referring to!). After having gone through 2 terms, I am happy to share that she enjoys her class once she reaches there (can’t say much about her “complaints” before she leaves the house for class) and has better focus and does her pieces happily. 

How the school based their art work is using a story theme which spans over 4 weeks. For this term, it was on Gingerbread man and the children painted a glove and also on some “dough” which they helped to knead and cut using a cookie cutter. What I like most for this theme was the oven. During her first lesson, the children were taught to make some textured paper which they used in the last lesson for the “oven”. Here, Dumpling also had the chance to use a metallic paint for her oven as well as decorate it with some embellishments. I love the mix of colours + materials and the various techniques used.

The piece is not finished yet. The teachers are to add on a box behind the door to create the depth of an oven and there's where Dumpling can place the pink gingerbread man

The below is based on the story "Stomp Chomp Dinosaur"

Like the other pieces, this is also story based. I think it was something to do with 3 little owls and the teachers also taught them the various owl breeds, etc.

Though she does enjoy her Arts session I have decided to take a break for a term or 2 and perhaps let her try something else. For myself, having seen the artworks for the past 2 terms spanning over 4 different stories, it gave me loads of new ideas on some extension activities during our homeschool sessions. Here’s to share on what we did at home for an ocean theme recently.

Dumpling used a mix of colours for her jelly fish and strings for the tentacles. She also decided to add on eyebrows. lol

And for the record, I just want to list down some of the items I want to share in this blog over the next few weeks as a personal reminder. Haha…

- Storybox

- Feedback on a new Chinese resource set which Dumpling likes for me to work with her on some evenings

- Our Science journey

- Math games

- Arts

Hope I make it through the list! :)


  1. Kristy will be going for art class this week too!

  2. Which place is she gg to? Is it her first art class?


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