Friday, March 22, 2013

Foodie Fridays - Homecooked Prawn Noodles!

Now, if you have read last week's recipe on Sambal Prawns, you may have wondered what did we do with the 2kg prawn shells and prawn 'heads'. Lol

It is a lot of shells and yes, we kept it for another meal. Specifically, we kept it to make the broth for Prawn Noodles! The secret of Prawn Noodles (soup) is all in the broth. A good bowl of prawn noodles need to have broth which is "sweetened" naturally with the prawns and ribs. Boil this over low heat long enough and the smell waffling through the air will be enough to make your mouth water. The meat should also slide off the ribs easily, leaving the bones clean.

:: Ingredients
1) Prawns x 12 pieces (we found some XXL glass prawns from Giant that morning that was on promotion and were going for $2.29/100gm)

2) Prime Ribs (we bought 2 packets of frozen ones which had 6 in each packet)

3) Spare Ribs (about 1/2 kg)

4) Kang Kong

5) Yellow noodles

:: Method
1) We used up all the shells and heads and put it to boil in a medium pot of water as stock (1.5 - 2l)

2) We scalded the prime ribs and spare ribs with hot water and then added them to the stock. We boiled this on low heat for about 2 hours on gas stove / till the meat slides off the bones easily

3) Add oyster sauce, dark sauce and salt to taste (I usually add about 2 tablespoons and 1 tablespoon of dark soy sauce and then add the salt accordingly)

4) Add in the prawns and take it out once it is pink and no longer translucent. Avoid over cooking the prawns as they will in turn, become very hard

4) Blanch the noodles and veg, set aside and add the cooked prawns, ribs and soup and serve hot.

5) Garnish with shallots / sliced chili

$10 meals


  1. We love a good bowl of Prawn Noodles and yours look so scrumptious! Those glass prawns look v fresh and inviting. Would love to try your cooking one day ;)

    1. Hi Angie, hur hur, yes, let's try and organise a Potluck party one of these days! The girls will have a ball together!

    thank you~

    1. LOL, not just you. Donna too. She actually went on a "Prawn-Noodle" hunt!


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