Monday, December 3, 2012

Advent Activities - DIY Candle Ornament!

I first came across Tinsel in the Truth last year and it left me with a great impression from the many number of reviews which I read.

This year, with Dumpling being older, I wanted to do advent activities from a biblical angle too. I decided to revisit the website and saw the sample page and I was hooked when I found out how easy it was!

The challenge for me has always been twofold: to be able to find suitable scriptures to read with and discuss with Dumpling and at the same time to extend that to 24 days of craft! YUP, 24! That's what Tinsel in the Truth provides. :) Best of all, it comes in an eBook format making it easy for basically anyone with a PC/laptop to download and do.

The book provides templates for the craft AND a gathering list too so it makes it easy for the busy parent to be able to prep the various materials in advance. The items used are general and easy to find - the usual white glue, pipe cleaners, cardboard paper, ribbon, yarn, glitter glue, etc. The crafts look simple enough for Dumpling to do too.

So for the inaugural Advent Activities post, I am pleased to share with you our craft using Day 1 using this Advent Experience.

Day 1: 1 Dec - Light
Reading: Isaiah 9:2-7

To discuss with your children:
"For a long time, Christians have celebrated the weeks before Christmas with a season known as 'advent'. Advent is a word that simply means "coming" or "waiting". For many many years, God's people were eager to meet Jesus." (Source:

Why a candle? What does it symbolize?

Other activities suggested was to go into a darker room / area and experiment with a torchlight and discuss how Jesus is that source of light.

Craft: (This really is how simple it is)
Firstly, to draw out the frame (a template is also provided for)

Then cut it out ('cos this had to be done by a penknife / Xacto knife so I did the cutting):

Using of leftover crepe paper which I had to plaster on the reverse side of the ornament frame. (pic below)

On the tree!

Looking for another craft idea? Hop on over to Jennifer's (link will be updated) tomorrow to see the lovely gingerbread man streamer she and her son made!

This activity is part of an Advent Activities series where we aim to share on a daily basis the various activities we are doing as we lead into Christmas!

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If you have any posts where you can share on the spirit of giving (gifts), joy of sharing (resources/tips/ideas) or the importance of loving (musing/parenting thoughts/values, etc), please do link up!


  1. I didn't think to use crepe Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Jessica! I have tissue but I just for the life of me cannot recall where I put it! The crepe was left over from last Christmas (yes I am a hoarder!) so it turned out useful where we didn't even need to cut :)


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