Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday Science: Torchlight, Tissue and Canister

Children never fail to amaze me. Their little brains are just so absorbent and with their curious nature, they see so many possibilities that my jaded eyes simply do not.

I was having my lunch earlier and left Dumpling to her own devices which usually would mean she would be reading,building something or drawing / doodling.

She was quiet for such a long time and I got a bit suspicious. I saw her pottering around packing these into a plastic bag. She then told me she is doing an experiment.

She shone the torchlight through the canister and the tissue and proclaimed that the light is 'blur'. Riding on the moment, we discussed why that was the case and where else can we shine on that allows light to pass through. 'What if it went through a prism?', I asked.

She remembered our unit study some weeks back and could explain to me how the ordinary light would pass through and that it would then be 'split' to form a rainbow.

We love science and I love that we are able to explore, investigate and discuss. Even with simple items from home. Do you perform simple experiments with your kids too?


  1. Dumpling is so clever, children never fail to amaze us :)

    1. Hey dear, thank you! :) All children have untapped potential so have fun! :)


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