Monday, April 16, 2012

Our conversations - My Gawd!

Since Dumpling started speaking quite a while back, I would update my Facebook status with our little conversations. Many of them are downright hilarious. Here's some that I can recall to share and to document since Facebook now has timeline!

Do you have funny (and extremely exasperating moments like such? lol)

Nov 2010
- (overheard the conversation between hubs and Dumpling)

Dumpling: what's that Daddy? (pointing to a packet of chocolate hubs was holding in his hands)

Hubs: (w/o missing a beat) medicine

Dumpling: Oh Daddy, I am sick!

Hubs: -__-

Jan 2011

Me: Pls stop walking around. Come here & finish your dinner!

Dumpling: I am busy

Me: Can you pls stop?!?

C: I'm busy

Me: ok, what exactly are you busy with?

Dumpling: I am like a bird! Winter!!!! Migration so I fly away! (ran off leaving me with her bowl)

Me: (wanna bang my head)

PS: she is still a fussy eater
PPS: she still has a sassy mouth
PPPS: And to add, I had many people who questioned the effectiveness of baby signing? Well, it certainly did NOT delay her speech!


  1. "Bird! Winter! Migration!"

    Priceless!!! hahahaha hilarious!!! That was a good one! SHe's sharp, your Dumpling! :)

  2. It seems funny now but certainly not at that point in time when she is fussing. LOL...


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